Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BLACKNESS cast and crew get together

It was fabulous catching up with the blackness family last wednesday at The Vic Bar.... Everyone is excited about the project... Im excited that i managed to get so many awesome people on board for this little film, and wish i could express how much i am in love with their talent and enthusiasm...

as you are

xx jenna xx

Costume Design...

Now that casting is finalised, and the look for each character is clear in my head, its time to design their costumes... Ive been putting aside potential wardrobe items for the past couple of months, and will be able to sew/put together a few just from what i already have, but the main characters (plus the Bobbies) will require specialist assistance.

Next on the to do list is measure everyone, then its off to Malcolm's Costume Hire! Best costume shop in Melbourne! Whenever I visit its like ive died an gone to heaven :)

Completed Wardrobe/ Hair and Makeup design for Blackness....

As you are

xx Jenna xx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Introducing the Main Cast:
Vanessa de Largie is BLACKNESS, The Tart, The Miss and The Lady

Rod Lara is The Sleaze, Greg Muller is The Pervert and Stefan Baernthaler is The Nerd

Stefan Baernthaler is The Nerd

Very excited to have Stefan on board, he brings a real depth to The Nerd...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Next Wednesday. Will have copies of the script, contact list, tentative shoot schedule and contracts for people... i will be there for 3 hours or so to give everyone a chance to get there.... See you then!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking for The Beefcake!

because of the circus strong man look for the beefcake... its back to the drawing board. If anyone knows a body builder type that would be interested in playing The Beefcake, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

The script is done! Everytime I open it, I start tinkering around, so after the last tweaking I saved it as FINAL DRAFT. Hopefully I will leave it alone now...

Working on costume design for each character... And have decided on the style influence for each one - Sherlock holmes with a handlebar moustache for The Pervert, circus strongman for The Beefcake, newspaper boy/ chimney sweep for The Nerd...

As you are

ps. Big welcome to Polly!!!! Follower No 2 and playing Woman No 2 in the train station scene :)