Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Casting should be finalised by first week of May

and i would like to organise a get together for all cast and crew, so we can all get a chance to get to know everyone in our Blackness Family before we start rehearsals toward the end of May..

I was thinking of having it at the Vicbar in Richmond.... but if anyone has any suggestions, favourite haunts etc,let me know....

Christopher O'Connor and Tom Morkham...

... Are the Two Bobbies!

no sugar and spice required to make a director + latest update....

Paraphrasing the guy who wrote The Work of The Film Director:

"The most important quality needed by a film creator is the ability to let her intellect take a back seat. A feeling for observation, memory and psychology - as well as a fantastically acute sense of sight and sound - is essential. She must possess the instinct of a showman (showgirl?), because film is a spectacle, and when it's done well it becomes a work of art...."

so, no pressure then!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great response from the filmnet ad, as well as Rod Lara and Vanessa de Largie letting everyone in their networks know about Blackness (thanks rod and ness!)

i think we have potentially found the perfect actors to play The Nerd, The Bartender, The Beefcake and Bobby #2.

Next step: Find a suitable space to hold auditions/rehearsals, then contact our potentials for auditions/meets :)

If anyone knows off a cheap (preferably located in the inner nth or east suburbs) space to rent/hire by the hour (it doesnt need to be huge) please let me know!!!

as you are

Thursday, April 22, 2010

starside projekt - film. new logo....

to join the starside photography logo. Im getting quite a collection :)

PS. HELLO to my very first follower :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

update on pre-production activities....

starside film logo for Blackness production currently being developed...

casting call has gone out on screen hub to cast the rest of the parts....

Finding a DOP is no 1 priority... I am hoping Claire Forgie is interested/in the country - fingers crossed!

Experimenting with different recipes to make sugar glass (for the beer bottle that The Barfly smashes, and then slashes The Sleaze's throat with!) - First few tries havent been a spectacular success, hopefully practice makes perfect!!!!


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