Friday, July 23, 2010

Inter-title text problem solved...

Silent films are perfect low budget productions, because the hardest thing to get right (and almost impossible to fake in post) is really good sound design... the trade off is coming up with witty phrases that are short, sharp and to the point for the inter-titles!

My natural inclination when writing leans more toward polysyllabic words and overly complex sentences, so I wasn't feeling very confident that I would be able to pull this off. :)

As inter-titles aren't restricted to dialogue, I wanted them to look beyond what's seen on the surface, without falling into the trap of spelling everything out (literally)...

Blackness has 3 very short 'mini-acts' with even shorter transition scenes between them, and there is no familiar narrative arc for the audience to 'get' . The main character is almost a fairytale creature in a way, flitting from place to place, granting wishes and dispensing justice as she goes, so i re-wrote a couple of nursery rhymes, but kept their familiar pattern and structure....

Chapter 1. (The Miss and The Nerd)

Lovely Miss Dashan,
Wishing for passion.

Waiting in vain, each day.

Oh, that feeling inside her -
As he sat down beside her...

The kiss
Swept this miss
Clean away!

Chapter 2. (The Tart and The Sleaze)

The Sleaze was in a single's bar,
Courting his new honey

His wife was home - and quite alone,
Spending all his money

All the people at the bar,
Had heard him brag and gloat

'Til along came a barfly
And slashed The Sleaze's throat!

Chapter 3. (The Lady and The Pervert)

Pervie Herbie
Was like a bad dream

Flashing the girls
And making them scream

It was time to make him pay
And Herbie could not run away!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Life Interrupting Art

Due to a number of things that are unable to be ignored (well, technically, jump-up-and-down screaming like a demented toddler demanding i deal with them NOW type of things) i've had to push back the shoot dates till around the 20th of August....

And because of the new dates I've lost Bobby No. 1!!! And i had just cast him as I lost the original actor slated to play this part, damn it! So back to the casting couch - again:)

Still working on costumes, props etc... finished a corset with a heart cutout as a potential blackness option...

Also created my 'official' pic for this project... ness got it right when she saw it, her only comment? "Poser!" hahaha, i love doing my own self portraits :)