Wednesday, April 28, 2010

no sugar and spice required to make a director + latest update....

Paraphrasing the guy who wrote The Work of The Film Director:

"The most important quality needed by a film creator is the ability to let her intellect take a back seat. A feeling for observation, memory and psychology - as well as a fantastically acute sense of sight and sound - is essential. She must possess the instinct of a showman (showgirl?), because film is a spectacle, and when it's done well it becomes a work of art...."

so, no pressure then!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great response from the filmnet ad, as well as Rod Lara and Vanessa de Largie letting everyone in their networks know about Blackness (thanks rod and ness!)

i think we have potentially found the perfect actors to play The Nerd, The Bartender, The Beefcake and Bobby #2.

Next step: Find a suitable space to hold auditions/rehearsals, then contact our potentials for auditions/meets :)

If anyone knows off a cheap (preferably located in the inner nth or east suburbs) space to rent/hire by the hour (it doesnt need to be huge) please let me know!!!

as you are

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