Monday, July 12, 2010

Life Interrupting Art

Due to a number of things that are unable to be ignored (well, technically, jump-up-and-down screaming like a demented toddler demanding i deal with them NOW type of things) i've had to push back the shoot dates till around the 20th of August....

And because of the new dates I've lost Bobby No. 1!!! And i had just cast him as I lost the original actor slated to play this part, damn it! So back to the casting couch - again:)

Still working on costumes, props etc... finished a corset with a heart cutout as a potential blackness option...

Also created my 'official' pic for this project... ness got it right when she saw it, her only comment? "Poser!" hahaha, i love doing my own self portraits :)

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