Thursday, June 24, 2010


The curse of having a low budget means so much has to be compromised... i wish i could outfit everybody from head to toe with costumes from malcolms... but alas! its not going to happen. Main characters and specific character types will definitely get 'the whole shebang', but its going to be a case of teaming one of their victorian skirts with high necked blouses from op shops and shawls etc... tuxedo shirts are a good option for the men as they are easily tweaked to look 'victorian'.

had my first app at malcolms last weekend, found the perfect dress/outfit for The Lady and The Miss. Also scored a fabulous full length cape with a half cape trimmed in royal purple and attached at the shoulders, so i have a tick next to The Pervert. Jacket choices galore for The Sleaze, will take the one that fits Rod the best i think...

Have also decided on dates for shooting and rehearsals etc... so its starting to feel like its all coming together (when it doesnt feel like im on an out of control freight train!)

First rehearsals this weekend! Bobbies and Beefcakes and Blackness for Sunday lunch, oh my!

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